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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 15, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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jobina? >> reporter: good morning. alma vazquez and her 7-year-old son. the father says his wife and brother were crossing 26th street at foothill boulevard when they were hit. the father explained he was on the scene running to all of his family members in a panic. oakland police say the suspect who drove off from the scene isg a white t-shirt and gray hoodie at the time. a nearby surveillance caught him leaving in a the principal of ics says the school community will be marching to the corner of 26th and foothill at 3:00 p.m. on thursday to demand a traffic light. during the heartbreaking moments immediately following the hit-and-run garcia remembered saying this to his wife.
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>> she's crying. >> reporter: oakland police say they have a possible suspect but have not made an arrest. we're now reporting live in the newsroom, jobina fortson, nbc 7 news. >> difficult story to watch. 4:31. a quick update on weather and traffic. hi, lisa. >> hi there, jessica, bring no but breezy winds. here is the way it looks throughout the morning hours and it will sweep through by the overnight hours. we are looking at the dry start to your work day with temperatures in the 40s, even some sunshine over into the east bay. 6:34 is the sun rise. by noontime up in santa rosa you'll be looking at showers and breezy winds but then the rain sinks south at about 1:00 across the bay. heading out this afternoon or the evening commute it will be wet. we're looking at rainy conditions, breezy winds. this is a 1 on our storm impact scale. and then we'll look at the
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system winding down through the overnight hours. plan on grabbing the rain gear as you head on out. you won't need it early but will need it by midday. here.morning, t pa n s earlier eastboun direction, theev coute,hat it's been picked you arsl over to 580 making your way to the central valley. westbound you're looking at about a 35-minute ride up and over into livermore and on into dublin. westbound 4 is looking great out of antioch, i should say, and 101 into the city, a mere 16, 17 minutes. guys? sue, thank you. in the east bay a semitruck filled with toilet paper looted. this is the aftermath on 42nd avenue and international boulevard in oakland. this all started during a sideshow around 9:00 p.m. the crowd looted the truck and littered the street with toilet paper.
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then they set fire to the semitruck. people started to scatter when officers arrived. no one was hurt and no arrests were made. east bay congressman eric swalwell is taking his campaign for the presidency to the battleground state of nevada today. swalwell will hold a town hall at unlv one day after officially launching his presidential bid in his hometown of dublin. he returned to dublin high school to kick off his run. he graduated from the school 20 years ago. the former alameda county prosecutor told the crowd of about 1,500 people gun control will be his campaign's top priority. congressman swalwell is proposing to ban and buy back every single assault weapon in america. meantime, another democrat is also officially in the race for the white house. mayor pete buttigieg told a crowd in his hometown of south bend, indiana, it's time for a new generation to take over. >> the forces changing our country today are tectonic. forces that help to explain what
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made this current presidency even possible. that's why this time it's not just about winning an election. it's about winning an era. >> if electeduttigieg would be the country's first openly gay president and the first president under the age of 40. >> as the list of presidential candidates grows, you can keep up with who is officially running by going on to our website, we have biographies of all the democrats who have launched a campaign bid. this morning the white house says the controversial plan to bust detained immigrants to sanctuary cities like san francisco and oakland is still on the table. president trump tweeted about the plan this weekend. he wrote, quote, so interesting to see the mayor of oakland and other sanctuary cities not want currently detained immigrants after released due to the ridiculous court order 20-day rule. if they don't want to serve our nation by taking care of them, why should other cities and towns? observing mayor libby schaaf
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tweeted back, it's time to stop fanning hate and division. i've been consistent and clear, oakland welcomes all no matter where you came from or how you got here. serena marshall has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. the white house is saying this plan not their first choice but something they're exploring. as the president says, he likes it. it was just an idea that was rejected, now receiving new life. >> certainly this wouldn't be our first choice. >> reporter: the president's top aids saying their plan to move immigrants from the southern border to the streets of sanctuary cities, particularly those of political rivals, is being re-examined as an option. >> logistically there were a lot of challenges and it probably didn't make sense to move forward. the idea did not go further. >> not just logistically, legally. >> he likes it. >> and they wan more people in their sanctuary cities, we'll give them more people. >> reporter: then doubling down tweeting saturday the u.s. has the absolute legal right to do so. the chair of the homeland security committee doesn't agree. >> do you see any way to do that
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legally? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: as leaders for those communities from chicago to california react. >> we're a welcoming city. >> we will stand up against a president who divides america. >> reporter: what remains unclear is how this will work to the president's ultimate goal of deporting those who crossed the border illegally, making it harder for individuals to be deported. serena marshall, abc news, washington. the national weather service has issued tornado watch warnings for parts of the east coast. all of this after 18 twisters demolished parts of the south killing at least eight people and injuring dozens of others. there were nearly 200 severe weather incidents from texas to south carolina. lightning strikes may be to blame for this school fire in louisiana. no one there was ral par of ohiomoved northe snow in chicago yesterday.
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waking up to 32 degrees there. we're looking at clouds around the bay area with an incoming weather system spreading showers by midday in the north bay. it is a 1 on our storm impact scale. looking at the rain moving in by 1:00, 2:00 in the north bay. then the evening commute a quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain. a live look outside. visibility is good. we're looking for a nice, dry, easy commute so the rain doesn't get here until the afternoon. so no problems heading out. temperatures in the upper 40s from campbell, 53 in alameda, 47 for you in novato. this is what we're expecting. the high and mid level clouds to increase throughout the day. 1:00, it's raining up in clover dale, santa rosa. and then by 4:30 the front is pushing through the bay area. so if you're out and about, it's going to be slick. it's goi a showers really don't end until the overnight hours. so amounts kind of hard to believe for the middle of april we are looking at a third of an inch in santa rosa and maybe a
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quarter of an inch for you out in the east bay with a half inch half moon bay. so heading out in the south bay partly cloudy skies. notice the rain doesn't start until 3:00. temperatures just in the low 60s in the south bay. the rest of the bay area mid and upper 50s. it's going to be a raw day out there, sue. looking at tonight the dry conditions. one more -- well, i shouldn't say one more. we could see more rain. april can do that to us. >> april showers. >> yes. we'll be ready. >> have to put my lawn furniture back underneath the eaves. >> you have time to run home and do that early this afternoon. >> good. good to know because it was so beautiful this weekend. we enjoyed it. okay. will do that. on the r g weo to san rafael, southbound 101. those cars headed past the north gate mall right there in the civic center, you're moving nicely at a nice clip. less than 20 minutes all the way into san francisco via the golden gate bridge. here is the richmond/san rafael bridge. they've had just a perennial
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issue with the plates, the falling concrete on the bridge. it's been a nightmare for the past couple of weeks, so we'll be following that for you again this morning. so far so good out of the central valley, about a 35-minute drive. we are getting reports of an accident blockingidne 80 westbound going throug vacaville and we'll update that in just a couple of minutes. guys? sounds good, sue, thanks. happening today we'll learn details of a plan to ease the congestion on the crooked part of san francisco's lombard street. >> an assemblyman is set to unveil legislation that allows the city to charge drivers a fee. the measure would also establish a reservation system, and the city says lombard can handle about 220 cars an hour. neighbors say the street is overrun by tourists and has become a nightmare. past attempts to ease traffic on lombard have failed. just ahead, a chinese scientist is condemned for a gene editing experiment. now stanford is investigating
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whether one of its professors helped. >> it's amazing how life evolves, it changes. >> greatness like no other. tiger woods making an incredible return to the top 14 years after his last masters win. >> and, alexa, play
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good morning. the northern half of the state experiencing some rain today. 69 degrees, los angeles. a winter weather advisory in effect 11:00 today through 11:00 tomorrow. 5,500 feet, 8 to 12 inches of snow. 16 inches on the peak. spring break for some of you, not a good idea to go today or tomorrow. then we're looking at mild to warm conditions as we head to the middle of the week. the snow level right around lake anrds its professors for onay possibly helping a former student in the birth of the world's first genetically altered babies. "the new york times" reports stefan quake sent congratulations after learning the chinese scientist had genetically manipulated twin embryos in a woman. scientists condemned the experiment as unethical and unsafe. stanford is investigating how much quake knew about the experiment and whether he played
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a role in it. dr. quake tells "the times," quote, to the extent it wasn't obvious misconduct, what does a person in my position do? encourage him to do it right, his research right? i mean, that's what i believed i was doing. bay area activists are demanding the release of wikileaks founder julian assange and former u.s. army analyst chelsea manning. >> free, free, chelsea manning. >> free, free, julian assange. >> a small group marched across the golden gate bridge from marin county yesterday and held a rally on the san francisco side. withkiing bail.ged in t meanwhile, he's wanted i the u.s. on charges he conspired with manning to steal and publish thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents. assange is expected to face a u.s. judge via video link early next month. in case you missed it, tiger woods and the sports world are celebrating one of the most amazing comebacks the r
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>> yeah, what a return it was. fans exploded in cheers as woods finished the final round to win the masters tournament for the fifth time yesterday. woods went two years without playing in a major tournament. he's had four surgeries to repair his ailing back. woods reflected on what that victory means for his children. >> prior to this comeback, they only knew that golf caused me a lot of pain. i tried to swing a club, i would end up on the ground. i struggled for years. that's basically all they remember. luckily i've had the procedure where that's no longer the case. creating new memories for them. it's very special. >> woods is expected to be at pebble beach on the monterey county coast in june for the u.s. open. he won the open three times
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before. the warriors delayed their film review of game one against the clippers so they could watch tiger woods win the masters. >> kevon looney and stefan curry almost crie the warriors won game one by 17 points. head coach steve kerr said they need to cut down on golden state had 21 in game one. game two of the best-of-seven series is tonight at oracle arena, and tipoff is at 7:30. the series shifts to staples center for games three and four. time right now just about 4:45. we have a little rain on the way. >> you do. if you forgot your rain gear, it's not bad for us. if you're leaving now coming home midday, grab it. it will be a rainy afternoon and evening commute. it has been a while and probably not planning on the april showers which really are going to be substantial when you look at the amounts, anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a half inch. we'll have the breezy winds on top of that. a 1 on our storm impact scale,
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five, six hours 52 in jose. mountain view at 53. your forecast highlights rain arriving later on today so the evening commute will be impacted. we have a big warm-up. 70s at t cot. today look for in the 50s. so it is going to be chilly out there. the winds kicking up as this front moves quickly from the north and sweeping through the bay area. so timing it out for you. you'll notice by noontime still well to the north. sonoma county, a few showers perhaps around santa rosa. as we get to the 4:00 hour, check out the coast from half moon bay to san mateo, into the east bay and fremont. it's raining. it's going to take us through the 8:00 hour. and so if you had plans then, plan on that rainy night tonight and looking at the rainfall accumulation highest along the coastal hills, about a half inch there. a third of an inch elsewhere.
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maybe a quarter of an inch in our east bay valleys. the accuwether forecast, a chance early tomorrow. warming trend and cooling for easter. sue? we'll takehw 87, those t towards the airport. you can see those runway lights the top left-hand side of your screen to give you an idea just past the s.a.p. center. everybody is behaving there. we'll hop across town to 280 headed underneath highway 17. headlights heading up to cupertino. an 18-minute drive into san jose. your morning commute looks pretty good. a couple trouble spots. now in vallejo a significant backup. you can see right there we have a two-car crash, one car facing the wrong way partially blocking the middle lane. you will attempt some slowing there. the tow truck is onsu thankyou.
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the free music streaming service. >> twitter limiting the number of people users can follow each day. here is "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes" amazon is taking on spotify and pandora. >> according to new reports the company plans to launch a free music service exclusively for alexa. right now music through the amazon echo is only available for prime members who pay an annual fee. lyft is replacing its bicycles in new york and san francisco. >> riders are reporting problems with the braking on the bikes. lyft is putting traditional bikes in place of the in theitr is combatting bots b limiting the number you can follow in a day. >> maximum daily follows from 1,000 down to 400. according to the site almost half of all accounts that follow more than 400 people in a day were spammers. >> imagine that. and all of your followers are fake, aren't they? >> they're all real. >> those are your "tech bytes."
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>> called out. >> i know. okay, it's tax day. >> oh, unfortunately. it does seem to be an annual tradition people leave it until the very last minute to file their taxes. >> i may be guilty of that one as well. >> we'll tell you what you lddo, dion, if you are one of those last-minute folks. a major retail certificate launching a special day of discounts and this sale doesn't have an expiration date. >> and the eagle has landed. the moment people have b
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good morning to you. a dry start to your monday. we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. cloud cover will increase, and by the afternoon rain is on the way. 2:00 it's raining in petaluma and santa rosa. by 3:00, 4:00, it sweeps across the bay area. it's a cool and breezy day. temperatures just in the 50s and the rain lasting through the evening. dion? i'll take it, lisa, thanks. it's tax day, but don't worry if you've put off filing until the very last minute and think you'll miss the deadline, there are a few options. file an extension with form 4868 which will give you another six months but an extension to file is not an extension to pay. if you owe taxes, you'll need to make an estimated payment to avoid penalties. the irs and h&r block have online estimator tools to help and file before october 15th and those who owe may set up a payment plan with the irs. happening today the san
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francisco recreation and park department will close washington square park for at least six months to its 65-year-old irrigation system. mud and slush has plagued the popular 1.5 acre park in the middle of north beach. the new irrigation system will be able to sense how much moisture is o t grass and adjust water flow accordingly. it will also reduce the park's annual water use by more than 2.2 million gallons saving the city thousands of dollars. the work is the last phase of a 6.5 million renovation to the park. the culture, flavors and sounds of japan came to life in san francisco this weekend. abc 7 news informs gentlemwas i during the cherry blossom festival. this marks the 52nd year for the springtime tradition. the festival features food and artworktuf japase culture n. case you missed it this weekend, the
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cherry blossom festival continues next saturday and sunday. lisa, i saw the tail end of this because i went out to diner in japan town and it was beautiful. >> oh, yeah, definitely was. it was a great weekend for that. we're looking at another nice weekend next weekend if you can wait that long. in fact, we're going to get some sunshine in here as soon as tomorrow. we're looking at the afternoon commute that will be impacted on the peninsula. starting out about 50. mid to upper 50s through the 11:00 hour. then 3:00, upper 50s. the rain has arrived for 5:00. in the north bay, yes, it is sooner than that looking at about 1:00. for everyone it's going to be much cooler, highs just near 60 in the south bay but look at the rain totals. a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch, even a half inch in some areas. be prepared for that and then we're looking at much warmer weather the rest of the week. good morning, sue. >> good morning. we're seeing lots of gaps between the headlights here on
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the east shore freeway through emeryville and into the mcarthur maze. traffic is moving nicely here. here is what you get, a minor backup for cash paying folks once them get the metering lights on, that's a different story. we're still looking at a two-car accident. chp is having trouble locating one of the vehicles. the other is facing the wrong way in the middle lane. traffic is now backing up towards 505 in vacaville. >> i appreciate the update, sue. starting today kohl's is launching new discounts for members of the military, veterans and their families. the company calls it military mondays. kohl's will give a 15% discount to active members of the military, veterans and their families every monday of the year. shoppers can receive their discou akohl's by showing their valid military i.d. or veterans i.d. card. kohl's says it's a way to thank
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service members and veterans for serving outr a big congratulations to jackie and shadow, one of their two eggs hatched near big bear lake. the eagles are nationally known thanks to a live webcam at their nest. their second egg should hatch soon. bald eagles enjoyed a resurgence after once being on the brink of extinction here in the u.s. look how cute and fuzzy and furry that is. >> i know people who will watch that cam for hours. >> good. there's one more egg still left to hatch. >> captivating. next at 5:00 a.m., the reason house speaker nancy pelosi is calling for extra security this morning. we are following breaking news. we will take you to the skenl of a fire investigation under way in the north bay. plus, tax day freebies.
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a little time wand nowfavorite people goeat denny's,y. $6.99 goes a long way too. you can get 2 eggs, 3 sausage links, 3 strips of bacon and 2 buttermilk pancakes all for just $6.99. the new meat lovers slam is here. see you at denny's.
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breaking now at 5:00, businesses damaged in a fire in north bay. it may be a case of arson. we are live right now at the scene. and say good-bye to the sunshine. taking a live look at our abc 7 roof camera once we get that up and running. it is dry outside. rain on the way. just picture it. >> trust us. >> you can do it. it is monday, april 15th. >> nice to see you, dion. you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. lisa argen in for mike. you're right, dion, rain is on the way. maybe people don't want to picture it. it's a 1. this is for today, light to moderate rain,


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